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Creation of companies, drafting of contracts and legal support. Issues related to contract law. Litigation relating to unfair competition, breach of agreements, brutal rupture of established commercial relations, disputes between partners, etc. 


Advice and defence of the perpetrators and victims of criminal and misdemeanour offences, in particular in matters of emergency criminal defence and in proceedings relating to organised crime. Intervention at all stages of the procedure, from police custody to the correctional hearing, including sentence adjustment. 

White-collar crime 

Advice and defence of companies, their directors and shareholders, as well as individuals in all areas of white-collar crime. Regular intervention in the context of financial or common law criminal proceedings, alongside defendants or victims, in cases of misuse of corporate assets, fraud, tax fraud, money laundering or deceptive commercial practices.

Defence of whistleblowers

Transversal defence of whistleblowers: intervention in criminal and labour proceedings, referral to the Human Rights Defender.

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